Setting New Standards

CnO Remover is the first novel bio-pesticide against cockroaches approved by NEA. For restricted use.


Eliminates Cockroaches and Odour

It is effective in exterminating cockroaches and eliminating bad odour in rubbish chutes. Laboratory studies had shown that it is a slow-acting insecticide that provides a residual effect of 28 days and a 100% kill rate on cockroaches after 24 hours.

It targets the respiration whereby the cockroach run out of energy without experiencing muscle spam. Studies also showed that CnO is most effective in dark and humid condition which resembles the natural habitat of the cockroach species.

Image by Rids



We strive to provide an alternative green approach in managing cockroach infestation in our urban landscape. The unique feature of our biodegradable pesticide is that it does not cause a flushing effect ( where cockroaches starts to run out from their hidings) when we utilize ultra low volume (ULV) fogger to treat rubbish chutes.