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Setting New Standards

CnO Remover is a novel plant-based green insecticidal soap approved by NEA for urban control of cockroach infestations and odour. For restricted use.


Eliminates Cockroaches and Odour

It is effective in exterminating cockroaches and eliminating bad odour in rubbish chutes. It has a low mammalian toxicity but has an effective 100% kill rate of cockroaches in 24hr period. Laboratory tests showed that our bio-pesticide has a 28-days residual effect. This means that it continues to kill cockroaches for 28 days after initial application.

Thermal fogging with poisonous insecticides is the current practice for exterminating cockroaches in public rubbish chutes. This is not only unsafe to operators and public (due to chemical used) but also hazardous to the environment. Our product is miscible in water and can be effectively dispensed via ultra-low volume (ULV) application. This is indeed a viable alternative to thermal fogging. Operators using our product will experience benefits of lower operational costs and less public complains about noise and pollution. 

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We strive to provide an alternative green approach in managing cockroach infestation in our urban landscape. The unique slow- acting feature prevents flushing effect, which is crucial in preventing the cockroaches from escaping out of the chutes into residential homes; currently regarded as a major challenge in bin chutes cockroach management.
It has a sanitizing effect which drastically reduces odour in the rubbish chutes.

CnO Remover: Features


There are essentially 2 types of dispensers used. Cord or cordless.

ulv cold fogger.jpg

In areas where accessibility of electrical points are convenient, ULV Cold Fogger is recommended.
E.g. Vector Fog C150+ ULV Cold Fogger

sr450 gasoline sprayer.png

In areas where electrical power points are more challenged, we recommend adopting a portable fogger with similar flow rate that run on gasoline.
E.g. STIHL SR450

CnO Remover: Projects
CnO Remover: Image
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